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nice wiki

Arcana really needed one. Needs more work to be done though
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I'm aware DX I guess I got a bit... down-hearted with the lack of attention the place was getting. I had a lot of fun working on at first, but I worried it wasn't going to be approved or enjoyed by anyone. So I ended up quitting...

But, if you seem to think so, maybe I will try to continue it. Even just one persons approval has made me feel better already.


good to know.

AH3LM has by far been my favorite fighting game. Probably the best fighting game this generation, that not too many people cared about. is possibly good to use as reference, but it's mostly outdated incomplete gameplay guides.

I wouldn't mind a complete guide to character backstories.


also realize that this game was never popular, and only a small % of players look on wikias in general, and smaller % would leave comments.

maybe i should post gallery pics
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