Angelia Avalon
Kanji アンジェリア・アヴァロン
Romaji Anjeria Avaron
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality British
Birthday June 15th
Height 110 cm
Weight 16 kg
Measurements Sorry, she's transcended the physical
Blood Type AB
Personal Statistics
Organization None
Favorite Subject None
Weakest Subject None
Fighting Style Avallone Style Fire Plasma
Occupation Heaven
Game Arcana Heart 2
Voice Actor Eri Sendai

Angelia Avallone is a little girl with seemingly heavenly powers and a boss in Arcana Heart 2. She is cheerful and openhearted, but egotistical. Seven years ago, she willingly traveled to the Arcana World from the physical world and, since then, has stopped aging. Her Arcana is Mildred (Halo, also known as "Light" in the English version), her twin sister who was caught in a dimensional split between her world and the spirit world and received new powers as a result. She serves as Angelia's guardian.

Plot Edit

Mildred Avallone's real older twin sister. Seven years ago she willingly traveled to the Arcana World from the physical world. Since then has stopped aging. She is cheerful, openhearted, and egotistical and does not change her mind because of others. She holds the magician Malin she met in Arcana World in one hand.

Arcana Heart 2 Edit

Arcana Heart 3 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Angelia see in also alignment Pure Evil a Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach.
  • Angelia see in also Blonde Hair of Platinum the Trinity in BlazBlue.
  • Her official color Light Yellow
  • Some of her alternate colors evoke Taiga Aisaka, Shana, Rider (Medusa) and Ika Musume.
  • She is the first playable character to have been a main storyline boss at one point, serving as a "fake" mid-boss.

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