• RuRuben Madrid

    Arcana hearth love forever

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  • Chrismh

    This is just in case I actually do get members who come to this place at some point in time. I really don't want to have to keep telling people the same thing - so I'll have this.

    I wanted to explain why I chose to make this wiki for those who may not understand. There are two (that I know of) wikia that also cover Arcana Heart. However, they only cover like... one game each, and are only discussing minor details about characters to focus on the fighting moves and buttons and such.

    Well, I made this wikia to focus on the ENTIRE series - not just the fighting portion. There is hardly any character information anywhere, so I really wanted to make a spot for those who wish to learn more can come to. But I may have just been trying to do too muc…

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