Oh, my my my... You want me to punish you?

Clarice di Lanza
Clarice Portrait AH3
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Italian (Vatican City)
Birthday May 12th
Height 162 cm
Weight 53 kg
Measurements 87 cm/58 cm/89 cm
Blood Type O (Maybe? She certainly acts like it)
Personal Statistics
Organization European Celestial Union, Rosenberg Branch Special Operations Unit
Favorite Subject Demonology
Weakest Subject Common sense
Fighting Style Instinctual
Game Arcana Heart 2

Clarice di Lanza is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series, who made her debut in the second game. She is a demoness in human disguise, who once almost killed Elsa, who is now immortal thanks to the contract with the Arcana of Punishment, Kosmur.

Her Arcana is Sorwal, the Arcana of Sin.


Clarice is a brown-haired human-looking woman who appears to be reaching physical age of between 30 and 40, dressed in a purple Rosenberg nun outfit. She also has dark purple wings.

When her eyes are open, they appear red and demonic.


Clarice is cold-blooded with some people, especifically with people that Elza get much comfy to that, she also acts nice with people like Elza principally, Petra, Yoriko, Weiss and Dorothy from time to time. She doesn't like Maori because of her being a shrine maiden who normally seal demons. She considered herself being Petra's big sister and knows the secret of Planar Descension, information that Fiona Mayfield really want to obtain, and with that she normally make her cry for it.