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Elsa la Conti
Elsa Portrait AH3
"I've grown strong so that I can protect all with the power of exorcism."
Kanji エルザ・ラ・コンティ
Rōmaji Eruza Ra Konti
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Birthday April 4th
Nationality Italian (Vatican City)
Blood type AB
Height 161cm
Weight 52kg
Measurements 85cm/56cm/86cm
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Personal Statistics
Affiliation European Celestial Union, Rosenberg Branch Special Operations Unit
Favorite Subject Theology
Weakest Subject Science
Fighting Style Crux
Personal Status
Debut Arcana Heart 2
Voice Actor Kaya Miyake

Elsa la Conti (エルザ・ラ・コンティ, Eruza Ra Konti) is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series, who made her debut in the second game. She is a member of the Celestial Union's European branch. She is rendered immortal after accepting contract with her Arcana when she was almost killed by Clarice.

Her Arcana is Koshmar, the Arcana of Punishment.


Elsa is a fair skinned woman with light brown eyes and short light brown hair that covers one of her eyes, dressed in a blue Rosenberg nun outfit.


Elsa is considered a very serious individual. She is also prone to radical mood swings.


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