Main StorylineEdit

Events found from the Mobile Game.

Incident at the Academy 1Edit

Impatiently Heart waits for the class bell to ring so that she can get to lunch. She is quick to approach Saki and Maori and tells them that they should eat together, but as it turns out the teacher didn't finish her speech yet and gives the trio a glare. She agrees to end the lecture but as punishment, she makes Heart do some home work for the day. Saki claims she may have did something worse had she been the teacher, while Maori offers to help her out if it is too difficult. Seeing how close the two get makes Saki a bit upset and she claims she could also help out Heart.

With that the girls sit down to eat. Heart is very happy to have her favorite for the day, but seeing how good Saki's lunch is enough for her to consider trading. She asks to trade the chicken for

Fried Egg - Saki seems a little surprised that Heart likes fried egg and she compares it to a really sweet cake. Or anything else that she likes that is salty and saucy. Maori then asks for a trade as well, since she would like to try the fried chicken as well and Heart quickly agrees.

Octo Sausage - Saki asks if Heart likes sausage, and she admits that she actually prefers - but the adorable little octopus legs that someone put love and attention into making. Saki admits that she hasn't even thought of that and she hands it over. Heart then asks Saki to feed it to her, then she offers to return the favor, only flustering her friend. Saki hesitantly opens her mouth and eats the fried chicken, commenting on how good it is. Maori asks to try a bite of it as well, but she refuses to let Heart feed her.

Meatball - She and Saki begin to eat. She mentions helping her mom make it so she is glad that it came out as good as it did. However, before she can eat the meatball, she drops it. Maori comments that she simply can't eat it now and Saki offers her another.

With their lunches finished, the girls begin to discuss the recent disappearances that have been going on around the school. They hear students nearby discussing this and Heart mentions that she hasn't seen Kamui or Konoha lately and hopes that they are okay. However, they're not too worried since the Celestial Union has not contacted either of them lately.

It's then Heart gets an idea and suggests that they go to search for what may be going on. She doesn't want more people to vanish but Saki thinks it is too dangerous for her. Maori tries to assure her they do not need to either, but Heart refuses and Maori reluctantly agrees knowing full-well that Heart refuses to give up now. She says they can just do it for today, and if they don't find anything the subject will be dropped. They then ask Heart where to search first, Yokohama or Academy of Metaphysics.

Yokohama - Heart picks Yokohama and claims her intuition is saying they should go there. However, Saki scolds her by saying if she keeps goofing around then she will just refuse to help anymore. Heart apologizes and comments that they should probably just check around the school. The girls then discuss how everything seems to be perfectly fine - despite the recent incidents.

Academey - Heart decides the best place to search is the school since the incidents have been happening there. Maori and Saki agree.

I Dunno -

Heart starts to worry about her friends and she asks them if they are really okay with this, since it might be dangerous. They cheer her up by saying they did willingly agree to come with her, and they run off to class, deciding to look after it ends.

Incident at the Academy 2Edit

Maori and Saki discuss how strange it feels to be in the school without any activities going on. Heart mentions that they have been cancled due to the recent goings-on, but it makes her a little sad. It's then they comment on how creepy it is, and Heart tries to lighten the mood by yelling through the hallway until Saki and Maori shush her, explaining that if they get caught they will be forced to leave. Heart agrees to quiet down, but a voice interupts them. Saki and Maori quickly hide, but Heart is too confused and is caught by Lilica, who came in search of someone.

She is disappointed to find Heart and she recalls how she got seperated from Yoriko. She tried to check the library but she wasn't there, so she asks what Heart is doing with Saki and Maori. She explains what was going on to her and Lilica recalls that she heard some classmates discussing it too. They tried to look for an hour now and there haven't been any clues yet, but Saki is suspicious and questions Lilica. She can't overlook the fact that she's still there on campus after hours, though Lilica points out she's doing the same thing. Saki claims it to be different, but Lilica points out that it doesn't change anything.

Maori tries to change the subject  by asking Lilica why she is there as well. She claims she didn't actually stay behind, because she and Yoriko actually left earlier. She then quickly adds that after leaving the school, a flash of light distracted her and she wound up right back inside. That was why Yoriko went to look for a certain book and Lilica has been trying to locate her. She decides maybe a nap is in order, given each little jolt she is feeling from the strange goings-on. Saki then asks Heart what they should do.

Don't worry and Smile -

Go with her - Heart suggests that Lilica just come with them, but at first she hesitates. She believes since they are looking for two seperate things and she wouldn't want to slow them down so she would prefer to just continue on her own. She had made a promise and she plans on keeping it. With that Heart asks to at least walk with her back to the Library. Lilica thanks her and admits that she hasn't been able to find it, trying to deny that she actually sucks at directions.

Ask her what she wants to do - (Same Response as above)

It's then the ground begins to shake again. But by the time it stops Lilica is gone and Saki brings up the Supernatural Phenomenon of the World book. Maori comments that the area feels different than a moment or so ago and they are joined by Lieselotte and Heart questions why she's still there. Maori assumes it must do with the Japanese Branch of the Celestial Union but to their surprise, that has nothing to do with it. She claims to have awoken there and they comment that the same thing happened to Lilica.

She brings up how she has been unable to leave, due to strange seals being placed on the doors and the occuring tremors and she admits to having no idea where they might even be at. It's then another tremor occures and this time, only Heart and Saki are together. Saki then asks what they should be focusing on:

The Passage of Time - Heart comments that she believes time has gone haywire and comments that they started their search around three. It's been four hours but all of the clocks still say it's only three.

The Situation Outside - Saki agrees and questions what the time is, as the time outside doesn't match her internal clock. Heart agrees and comments that it's been roughly four hours since they started to look around. It should be seven by now, but it only looks like it is currently noon outside.

The Tremors Themselves -

Another Tremor starts and Heart questions the school they are actually in, commenting that something seems different. She explains that while it seems to be the same, something doesn't feel right either. She wonders if all the light outside may actually be energy and they start to fret over everyone's vanishing. But Saki convinces her that it may not be all that bad, since Lilica had already faced one when she met up with them and she seemed fine. But she believes this isn't a sign to let their guards down yet. With that the friends decide to continue looking for others.

Incident at the Academy 3Edit

Saki begins to wonder if they may be in an alternate dimension. Heart doesn't understand at first until Saki explains it a little bit, then adds that they are trapped in the school while the tremors keep going on. As one starts up again, Heart suggests they hold hands in order to stay together.

As the tremor ends, they notice Kamui nearby, trying to find someone. Heart discusses how it has been a while since they last saw Kamui and she mentions how she was tasked to find out what was going on. Saki quickly claims they just happened to be there and she tries to get Heart to shush, to avoid revealing any information to Kamui. She comments on the Alternate Dimension situation and is quick to say she is unable to leave, so Kamui shouldn't bother. Once someone enters they are unable to leave the building.

Heart feels down by this and she mentions that they should just keep high-spirits and work together for the time being. Saki agrees with this, but Kamui tries to convince them not to bother since she believes it isn't something they can help with very much. Saki believes this is too much responsibility for kamui but she insists upon otherwise. She goes on to say that Konoha isn't there because she didn't think this was safe enough for her to be there. However, Saki and Heart claim that they would want to be with each other if they were worried over a situation or safety. Just then, another tremor occures.

Heart and Saki find them in another unknown part of the school and question how they are supposed to fix things when they keep being tossed around. Saki explains that this world is apparently a subspace created by a planar rift, and they are being trapped for the sake of not finding out who is doing this. Heart then decides they must try to find out who is doing this and convince them to stop, which confuses Saki at first until she decides they need to split up. She is worried for Maori and they really need to find more information. 

Although Heart understands she can't help but think Saki is hiding something from her. She decides to just pretend she doesn't know though, since Saki decided this and she has to trust her. With that Heart begins her search and comes across Konoha. She decides to tell her about Kamui, but to her curiousity Konoha is talking behind her, despite seeing her right in front of her. Konoha takes off and she is approached by Catherine instead.

Catherine explains that while she has no clue what is actually going on, she felt obligated to come and try to find out. She had come to try to speak to everyone for some information but so far hasn't had any luck. She then decides to fight with Heart, but Heart asks her why they couldn't just work together instead. Catherine claims to have priorities, then demands that Heart just tells her what she may know. With no choice Heart is forced into a fight.

Frustrated by things, Heart asks Catherine why they had to fight. But she ignores her for a moment before deciding to reveal what she knows instead. Kira got trapped in a Planar Rift-caused subspace and she has been trying to figure out what caused it. She had found Kira, but she refused to listen to her and was acting weird. With that, Catherine takes off to continue her search.

While Heart is still a bit bitter with Catherine she is happy to have gotten a little information. She thinks about what Saki said, then thinks about Kira and the strange machine, like Catherine mentioned. She believes there is a connection and continues on her way.

Incident at the Academy 4Edit

While walking along the hallway, Heart decides to give Saki a call and inform her of what she's learned. However, the signal drops so she decides to just locate Saki on her own. She comes across Petra and begins to address her with affectionate names. This earns a giggle from one of her aids and she demands to know which one it was. Elsa and Clarice both deny having laughed, though it is implied it was Clarice - after she suggests another nickname instead.

Petra soon finds herself a bit flustered while Clarice and Elsa discuss this nicknaming with Heart. She refuses to let them act childish, though Elsa believes it would be nice to have a close friend who nicknames you. She reluctantly agrees to drop the subject, but is happy when Petra agrees to let the two of them address her by her first name now. With that out of the way she brings up Saki and Maori, then asks where they are. She wonders if Heart may be there due to the Celestial Union, once she brings up the strange occurances going on around the school, but she claims she wasn't contacted by them, they came to look on their own.

Heart admits that she may know the source of what is causing all of this chaos, though she isn't entirely sure. Petra suggests they find whoever is doing this and stop them if they are doing it so willingly, but Heart believes they should just convince the person to cut it out and to stop jumping to conclusions. It's then Petra accuses Heart of not being concerned enough over the incident, citing that many have been harmed by it. She refuses to believe a discussion will end the mess but Heart knows that fighting isn't always the answer, though Petra doesn't really agree with her. Heart suggests they work together, but Petra refuses because she has her own plans and she thinks this right, so she doesn't really care how that makes her sound. She calls Heart out on being too caring for others happiness and believes that some sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Heart is able to agree that when someone does something bad they should pay for it, but at the same time she thinks that focusing on the situation itself is a better way to get a happier ending. Petra accuses her of being delusional but Heart just asks Petra to try to understand her views, even if they can't agree. Petra only agrees to try this if Heart can beat her in a fight. Heart is annoyed but she agrees to fight when she realizes Petra won't just let her talk about it.

After she wins the fight, Heart tells Petra that she does not think there is only one way to do things right. She tells Petra that she doesn't need to apologize because her way does come in handy sometimes, and she still thinks of her as a friend even if Petra may not reciprocate. Elsa and Clarice suggests to Petra that they should get going now and Heart claims that she still plans on making everyone else happy, so she will stick to her original plan. Petra simply tells her to do whatever she thinks is for the best and they seperate.

Heart takes a moment to apologize mentally - having kept a secret from Petra. However, she believes that telling her about Kira may cause problems further down the path and she tries to find her before someone else does. She decides to check the area where the light is the brightest.

Incident at the Academy 5Edit

Heart quickly tries to make her way to where the light is the brightest, only to run right into Weiss. She apologizes for not being attention and asks if Heart is okay and they introduce themselves to each other. Heart asks if Weiss is there because of the Celestial Union, but she tells her she is not before asking Heart the same thing. Heart mentions that she tends to just lurk around most of the time but she has worked for them before. That isn't the case today, however. Weiss is glad to hear this, but she says no more on the subject.

Heart goes on to ask Weiss how she wound up there and she claims to have just woken up there. She is actually pretty happy to be there however, causing Heart to point out that so far, Weiss is the only one who thinks that. She was worried, but she's had so many fun encounters she can't help but feel worn out by now. Heart asks Weiss why she is traveling alone then, curious as to why she feels so happy now. Weiss explains that while it may not make much sense to her, the person she was with was not acting like their true self until they came into this world. She feels that she will also become lost and forgotten in the end, realizing that she must hurry up to find Kira before she weakens and dies.

Heart sees that Weiss seems to be struggling with a decision. However she also looks as though she made up her mind and she tells her that choices can be difficult - but she knows Weiss will do the right thing in the end. Weiss feels rather happy to have met Heart so suddenly and she thanks her before deciding to leave. She suggests that Heart does the same, commenting that if she is trying to find Kira, she is not sure that Heart will stand much of a chance. Heart would rather they go together but Weiss refuses because she feels she has to do this on her own. She does believe that whoever finds her first should just act on instinct regardless. Heart agrees and she takes off.

However, Heart feels a little bit down and seems to have come to a dead end. The tremors are still going on and she hasn't really come across anything else. She then finds herself in a very bright location and outside of school, then spots Kira up ahead and demands to know why she's been doing this. Kira claims it's for her plans of World Domination, but Heart quickly interupts by saying that many will suffer if she keeps this up.

Not in any mood to keep talking, Kira tells Heart that she will just need to fight her if she plans to stop her. Heart makes an attempt to get her to understand but Kira wont hear of it and just calls Heart stupid. Heart brings up Weiss and asks her if she is her friend, to which Kira is quick to deny. She tells Heart that she doesn't need anyone else while she rules the world from the top. Heart tells Kira that if she follows through this she truly will be alone though, but Kira is too angry to listen. Heart promises Weiss that she will help Kira by fighting with her to bring her back to her sense.

Kira doesn't understand how she could lose to Heart and she claims that she didn't have much of a choice but to destroy the machine. Weiss shows up and offers to take Kira back to her home, saying that even if she was unable to help her she would like to do this much. Heart feels saddened for Weiss, but she claims that even if Kira forgot who she was she will still remember her. She also knows her behavior here is not the real Kira, and that's good enough for her. They watch as the light begins to vanish and they head bak for home.

The following day, Heart approaches Saki and Maori. They ask her how she is and she mentions being unable to remember what happened earlier on, and they mention feeling the same way. Maori points out that she heard something say that those involved in incidents tend to forget them afterwards and she is sure that has to do with it. It can't be helped and the girls feel happy knowing everything is taking care of now. It's then they ask Heart if she finished her Math Homework yet. Heart had completely forgotten it and panics when they tell her she has Math for First Class that day. Saki insults Heart but tells her that if they hurry up to get to school then they can help her finish it in Home room. Maori agrees to help her out and Heart proceeds to start running to school.

While running to school, Heart thinks about Subspace-Kira and feels that friends are a source of kindness and love. She is sure that this version of Kira feels the same way.

Sub StoryEdit

Small Events unlocked for each Character.

I want a DogEdit

One day, Heart plays with a Chihuahua when Kamui and Konoha spot her. They had just finished shopping and ask why Heart is there. She explains that she had plans to meet up with Saki but she got there too early, so to pass the time she's been looking at the animals at the Pet Shop. Kamui feels saddened for Heart because she is unable to have a puppy of her own - due to their home being a Cafe.

Kamui hands Heart a plush dog she won earlier on at the arcade. This surprises Konoha but Kamui just tells Heart to have it, even showing her how it barks by pressing on the tummy. Heart is touched by the gesture and agrees to take it, promising to take good care of it.

Vending Machine Jackpot!!Edit

One day, Heart and Lilica are hanging out at the park. Heart is very thirsty so Lilica suggests that she gets something from the nearby vending machine she happened to spot. Heart runs right over and observes her choices before picking the Great Super Happy Juice Extreme. It's then Catherine approaches and comments on how she finds it hard to believe Heart is actually drinking that. She is sure it will be gross, though Heart fails to understand, instead pointing out it's name.

Catherine counters by pointing out that the drink doesn't say why it is called Extreme, but Heart insists her that it will be fine. She picks the drink after inserting her coin, but they start to hear a bunch of strange sounds. The machine then announces that Heart won a second drink, this one, a can of tea, Catherine is amazed to see how random this is but Heart is fine with it. She then sees the game pop up again.

LIlica complains over how long Heart is taking and questions how long it takes to buy a drink. She tries to find her, only to hear the music play again as another drink is announced again. Heart asks for Lilica's help while Catherine mentions the twenty drinks she has won so far. But Heart does not find it fun anymore and bursts into tears.  

Sweet Valentines DayEdit

Heart meets up with Saki and points out to her that the colors of the tokyo tower have changed, along with the pattern. Saki had not noticed it and Heart explains by saying that Spring and Autumn have a warm coloring, while Summer has silver. Heart then mentions how the shape pattern forms into a heart during Christmas. Heart is very excited to find out what the next one will be however, since that event is approaching. She announces that Valentines Day is coming up when Saki is unable to determine what it is. She admits that she doesn't really care for Valentines Day, so she simply forgot.

Heart is excited to see the tower lit up in Pink and to see chocolate everywhere and plans to make chocolate as well. Saki is quick to ask her if there is someone she may like, but Heart interupts by asking Saki if she will have some of the chocolate too. She wants to make an extra-big cake for Saki and she voices that she will be looking forward to it, trying to rid of her curiosity from beforehand. 

On a Rainy Day...Edit

Heart is surprised to find out that it has began to rain. She is happy to have an umbrella on her person however, because the Weather Lady mentioned it earlier. She happens to spot Lieselotte up ahead and asks her what she is up to. Lieselotte mentions that she just came out for a walk and Heart quickly tries to share her umbrella upon noticing she doesn't have one. Lieselotte claims to be fine, since she wants to go home wet and tells Heart to just leave.

Heart shuts her umbrella and decides that because Lieselotte doesn't have one, she wont use her own. Even if Lieselotte doesn't want to talk to her, she's still supportive over her and what she wants. She also claims it can be fun to walk home wet and compares it to being like a frog. Lieselotte thanks her, then calls her an idiot for being so goofy; seemingly cheered up at this point.

Always by Your SideEdit

Heart sadly complains over getting the window seat in the front row; which seems to happen consistantly whenever a class changes their seats. Saki believes it may just be a coincidence but this isn't enough to appease Heart since she is well-aware that she will probably get into a lot of trouble. Saki claims her seating wont matter before revealing she will be sitting next to Maori, who is right behind Heart. Heart is happy to see how well her friends get along and seems to perk right up, and while Maori is delighted to sit next to her friends, Saki worries that they may cause problems in class.

Viva La Matching!Edit

Heart is excited to be having a sleepover with her two best friends; Saki and Maori. She has her pink pajamas, along with a blue pair for Saki and a red for Maori. She had went and gotten them all whenever they were making their sleepover plans earlier. Maori is very happy, though Saki admits to being kind of embarressed before reminding Heart that they all planned on going to Maori's for a study session that evening. As it turns out, it wasn't really her plans in the least bit - she just wanted to get Saki there to have some time to hang out and just relax.

Maori apologizes for having been deceptive, even claiming that she was against it at first until she thought it over a little bit. With that said, Heart says they should just have fun and shows them all of the sweets she went to buy for them to enjoy during the sleepover. She asks Saki if she is mad at her for what she did, and she claims that she is - though she thanks them anyway. The trio then sit down to play some cards.

10% ReciprocationEdit

Petra scolds Heart for being so careless with addressing her. She chastises her for getting pouty afterwards, then asks why she is there. Heart explains that she had found a rose hairpin that looked like Petra's, so she wanted to check. Petra recognizes it before commenting that she had only just noticed it went missing a little bit ago and had been trying to find it since.

She thanks Heart for locating it and asks if she ever wears any hairpins, and she claims that she does not given the condition of her hair and how short she keeps it. She claims to be jealous since Petra gets to use cute things. This momentarily flusters Petra and Heart simply comments on how happy she is to have been able to find the hairpins owner and prepares to leave.

A few days later, Heart finds a strange package for her that came from Petra. Inside is a heart-shaped hairpin, much to her surprise. She sees the letter inside and reads it over, describing that Petra is happy to have her hairpin back. She decided to give it to Heart and believes she can use it, no matter her hair length. Heart decides to wear it the next time she goes out.

Kira Worshippers 1Edit

Class has ended for the day and Heart tells Saki they should head home together. But Saki is too busy, as is Maori. She decides to take a peak on her friends though, curious to see what is going on. She finds Saki discussing budget planning and mentally fawns over how cool Saki looks. She goes up ahead to find Maori shooting an arrow and continues to fawn - this time over the hakama that Maori is wearing.

Saki walks off and thinks about trying to find a club that she can join too. She happens to overhear Kira nearby and realizes she has accidentally walked into the Primary School division of the Campus, but Kira stops her to claim she knows which club would be good for her. She explains the rules, them being "Praise the great kira, kneel before the great kira, and praise the great kira again" and Heart is able to realize just what this club is really about. 

Kira Worshippers 2Edit

Heart sadly waits for Kira to finish her speech before quickly complimenting it as she tries to leave. Kira scolds Heart for not addressing her by something more desireable and threatens her for it. Heart tries to insist that it's fine since they are friends, but Kira doesn't listen. She continues to scold Heart before asking her if she really wants to be in her Club or not, and Heart admits that she really doesn't. She's realized that rather than being in some club, she's just happy providing a service at the Cafe and making everyone else happy.

However Heart has realized that she may actually have to thank Kira, because she was able to realize that. People only join clubs because they want to be there to do what they want, so she doesn't need to join just for the sake of wanting to be in one. She thanks Kira and decides to go home to think up a new recipe for parfait. She wants to make one better than the last one that Lieselotte really liked - which surprises Kira and she questions this before expressing curiousity. She then yells at Heart for distracting her before she runs off.

Fluffy HeartEdit

Saki, Heart, and Maori are out eating dumplings one day when Saki and Maori notice that something is bothering Heart. They worry that she may feel ill, but she claims she is fine. They are able to deduce she is trying to diet, much to their confusion, and point out that she has no need to do so. Saki claims that Heart's slightly plump body happens to be endearing and Maori agrees, but Heart does not feel any better.

As it turns out, Heart really wasn't actually worried over dieting at all. She just thought the dumplings looked super-yummy and was staring at them. Maori worries that they rushed to judgemental and Saki apologize - though Heart claims it's okay and decides to just eat yummy foods whenever she wants. She then begins to eat and Saki and Maori worry that Heart may be a little bit angry with them now.

Various EventsEdit

These are found in the main Game when selecting a location to head to.

Chat with LilicaEdit

Heart happens to come by Lilica and asks her about the Celestial Stones and her desire to obtain them - as they are told to grant the user a wish. After a quick fight, Heart decides that she would like to go and look for them as well, to make everyone happy. Before leaving she happens to overhear a woman newscaster.

Heart continues on to find Clarice, who is unhappy that Heart fought with Lilica. As she believes only she should be granted such a priviledge. She apologizes, as she didn't mean to cause any problem and leaves after fighting Clarice.

A decisionEdit

Heart comes across her dear friend, Saki, who questions why she is there before apologizing; realizing the question was pretty dumb. Heart claims it not to be though and claims she is there for the same reason that Saki is, and while Saki is able to agree that many more Planar Rifts are occuring she does not wish for Heart to continue and asks her to just leave everything to her. Heart insists that she does it though, out of fear Saki may get hurt.

After they fight, Heart happens to spot a crystal nearby and comments on the power coming from it. Saki asks that Heart hands it over, because she thinks it may be too dangerous for her, but Heart refuses because she doesn't want Saki to get hurt if it really is dangerous. She insists that she can handle it and takes off.

Request from MaoriEdit

After spotting Heart, Maori asks to have the Celestial Stone she is carrying. She won't tell her why she needs it, but promises to do so later. As Heart realizes that it must be something important, she instead suggests that Maori joins her and that they can work together to fix things.

Petra's DemandEdit

Approaching Heart, she demands to be given the Celestial Stone and tells her to just give up trying to fix things. Heart is alarmed by such cold words and asks why Petra is being so mean because she thought they were friends. She tells her that they need to work together, but Petra continues to coldly speak. She tells Heart that they have no relationship whatsoever and she needs to stop thinking they do. She gives Heart a final warning to leave and when she refuses, they fight.

After winning, Heart insists that she and Petra must be comrads. She discusses how dangerous the stone is before deciding to take the one Petra found after she spots it. Petra hands it over and warns Heart to be careful with handling it and she takes off to try to locate more Planar Rifts.

Kamui's insistanceEdit

She tells Heart to hand over the Celestial Stone - citing that as she has a connection to them she would like to do with it on her own. Heart refuses once more however, saying that they are dangerous. She asks how she can rid of the stone before continuing on her way.

The Ultimate WeaponEdit

Finding herself overwhelmed by Celestial energy, Heart tries to figure out what may be going on. Scharlachrot voices that Heart is feeling the energy from the ultimate weapon made by the Drexler Institute. Seeing as Heart has two of the stones she decides to take them from her, but Heart stops to ask Scharlachrot if she will help her instead, not realizing that she isn't someone to befriend. She just wants Sophie to return to her and is excited to see this plan of Drexler Institute be followed through. But Heart insists that nobody deserves this and a fight ensues.

After the fight ends, Heart asks for information regarding how to stop the weapon and wonders if she could destroy the stones. Scharlachrot refuses to say anything though - since she is sure Heart can't do anything about it. Heart watches as the Celestial Stones are taken from her and watches as Scharlachrot suddenly bursts into a rant while saying she should die like everyone else.

The ultimate weapon begins to appear as the Newscaster watches from the news chopper. She attempts to discuss what is going on while they make their way to Tanega Island and she has no idea how to describe this.

Shocked by it's plans to destroy Japan, Heart refuses to let that happen while saying she will protect everyone. With that another fight ensues - this time with Heart fighting the ultimate weapon. After she beats it, a voice says that the energy of the Celestial Stones has been lost and everything begins to fall apart.

With everyone saved by the power of love, Heart decides to head on home. The reporter watches the scene unfold and tells everyone that they are approaching Tanega Island finally. But to her surprise, nothing is there anymore. She then ends her segment and has them return to the Studio.


After a few days, Heart meets up with Weiss and tells her to do her best. Weiss thanks Heart for her kind instructions and decides to return to Rosenberg to recreate the cake Heart was making. She tells Weiss she doesn't need to be too formal with her though, but Weiss struggles and soon takes off.

Heart then prepares to head home while she thinks about what she needs to do upon arrival. Such as clean the kitchen and take out the trash, although she plans to just kick back and take things easy afterwards, due to having a lot of action shows to catch up on. It's then she bumps into Saki, who asks her what she was doing. Heart mentions having finished her errands, then asks Saki the same question. Saki asks if she can tag along, apologizing for how she got earlier and to make it up to Heart she purchased a tart for her. Heart agrees and together the two friends take off. 

Upon arrival Heart asks Saki to wait up in her room. She explains she has to clean the kitchen first but to her alarm she finds a cockroach in the hallway and falls over, landing on top of Saki. Saki is quick to try to calm her down by saying she doesn't see anything, then tries to make her stop crying. Heart thanks Saki for being there and Saki promises that she will always be by her side.