We have encountered each other once again. This is the fate of the Millennial Guardian...

Kamui Tokinomiya
Kamui Portrait AH3
Kanji 朱鷺宮 神依
Romaji Tokinomiya Kamui
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Birthday October 4th
Height 169cm
Weight 55kg
Measurements 77cm/56cm/81cm
Blood Type AB
Personal Statistics
Organization Metaphysics Junior High School, 3rd Year, Class A
Favorite Subject Classic Literature, Calligraphy, Classic Chinese Literature
Weakest Subject Modern Language, Foreign Language
Fighting Style Iaijutsu
Game Arcana Heart
Voice Actor Hiromi Hirata

Kamui Tokinomiya is a playable character in the Arcana Heart series, who made her debut in the first game. She is known as the Millennial Guardian, as she's been around since recorded history, only to awaken when the spiritual and physical world is in peril. She's also best friends with Konoha. Her Arcana is Anutpada, the Arcana of Time.


Posing as a senpai to Heart Aino and Saki Tsuzura, Kamui is really the Millennium Guardian who awakens whenever a crisis emerges. She is aided by Konoha and investigates with full-intent on keeping peace.  


Kamui is a pale-fair skinned girl whose age is unknown, but she appears sixteen. She has sharp bright caramel-colored eyes and very long grey hair with a faint, dull green tinge. It is tied up in a high ponytail held by a white ribbon. Her middle bangs are eye-length while the outer bangs frame the front of her face; one reaching mid-neck while the other is chest length and held by a sky blue sphere.

She wears a navy long-sleeved shirt with white accenting and tie at the neck, on top of a black shirt. Her pleated skirt ends at her knees with a slit up the side to reveal her black tights. Paired with this outfit, she wears a pair of dull grey boots reminiscent of samurai footwear.


Although she has been alive since before History was even recorded, Kamui has difficulty adapting to the fast-paced changes in modern society. She is empathetic towards those around her, but she is aloof and cool-minded. As a school girl she is admired by the others and takes things pretty seriously, however she has a secret side for anything cute and fuzzy - with rumors supporting this by claiming she has an impressive stuffed animal collection. 

While she may not be the friendlist of girls, she is devoted to Konoha, her dedicated servant during her current awakened state. 

Fight CommandsEdit


Arcana HeartEdit

Awakened to inspect the strange activitites brought upon them by Mildred. Your pretty good after Heart waiting here his stomp Fiona. As she is kept up-to-date by the Ministry of Elemental Affairs, she disguises herself and observes whoever picks her interest while trying to find the one responsible for the current goings-on.

Arcana Heart 2Edit

Arcana Heart 3Edit

Feeling regret over being unable to stop the Drexler Institute when she had a chance decades ago, Kamui suspects that they have something to do with the recent Planar Rifts and decides to look into it.

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I shall observe how people in this age do battle...

A view of myself from myself...? Is this the work of petty spirits? Or am I just suffering from extreme exhaustion? As long as it's not a sickness of the mind...


  • Her katana is named Tamayorihime Mikadomorimune.
  • She loves penguins.
  • Her official color is pale gold.
  • Kamui's real name is Ashitane.
  • She has revealed herself to be the first daughter of a Priest and had a little sister.
    • Said little sister is the person who gave her the little ball on her hair that she wears.
  • Kamui see in also Shiryu in Saint Seiya Masami Kurumada Date of Birth October 4
    • She also seems to be inspired by Piccolo, who is also similar to Shiryu. Piccolo originates from the well-known series Dragon Ball Z.
  • Kamui see in also similar Ponytail Hair of Celica Ayatsuki Mercury in BlazBlue.
  • Kamui see in also japanese fighting for Bang Shishigami in BlazBlue.
  • She was ten when she became the Milenial Guardian.