Woof! Konoha wants exercise!

Kanji このは
Romaji Konoha
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Birthday January 23rd
Height 142cm
Weight 35kg
Measurements Once again, *Sigh* 69cm/52cm/73cm
Blood Type O
Personal Statistics
Organization Metaphysics Junior High School, 1st Year, Class A
Favorite Subject Polysomnography, Physical Education
Weakest Subject Anything that requires full-concentration
Fighting Style Koinumaru Ninjutsu
Game Arcana Heart
Voice Actor Mayumi Yoshida

Konoha is a character in the Arcana Heart series. Her Arcana is Moriomoto.


A descendant of the legendary spirits who have mastered the ninja arts, Konoha grew up learning the the family fighting style by training in the forest and mountains. This prepared her for her turn to become the retainer of the Millennial Guardian - a role she accepted with anticipation.   


Konoha is a fair-skinned girl who looks to be about thirteen. She has light brown eyes and short hair that reaches her neck. Her outer-bangs are slightly longer and reach her shoulders, while the shorter bangs stick up just slightly and reach her eyes. She wears a metal headband with a paw print depicted on it. She has bright orange floppy dog ears and a fluffy, curly dog tail.

Konoha wears a modified version of a school gym uniform. It consists of a white top with blue cuffs and a dog paw print on the chest, along with a pair of blue short-shorts. Her shoes are dark blue sandals with white toed-socks and a pair of dark blue leg warmers held by pink rope and a gold band, along with a pair of fishnet stockings. On her arms are blue gloves with the finger holes cut out and gold accenting. Her most noticeable feature is the large, bright red scarf around her neck.


An effective, but goofy and perky ninja girl. Konoha tries her best to hide her canine parts from everyone outside of her clan but due to her excitement they often pop out anyway. Her cute and fun nature is reflected by talking in the third-person and her energy knows no bounds. She is unable to fully relax and calm down in one spot for too long and prefers being active; unless she is getting some attention from Kamui. Who she admires greatly.

Fight CommandsEdit

Konoha Moves

Arcana HeartEdit

Far from the rest of civilization lives the Koinumaru clan - a group of humans with canine features. In the past they were regarded as monsters and thus live in seclusion up in the mountains.

One day a dimensional bend near the village caused evil spirits from the Elemental World to cross over and corrupt one of their ninja. It was then the legendary Millennium girl saved them. To repay her for saving the village, the Koinumaru sent one of their members to assist her each time she awakens. This time, Konoha was lucky enough to receive the honor.

Arcana Heart 2Edit

Arcana Heart 3Edit

Konoha takes it upon herself to try to find the cause of the recent Planar Rifts in hopes of easing Kamui's own work after she notices how depressed she has been.

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Hiyaah! Here comes the attendant of the Millennial Guardian!

Just wait a darn minue! If there are two of me, then the number of tummy rubs I'd get from Miss Kamui would be halved! Oh, hells no!


  • Her voice actress also voices Parace L' Sia.
  • Konoha see in also Cygnus Hyoga in Saint Seiya Masami Kurumada Date of Birth January 23
    • She also seems to be inspired by Nakoruru, who is also similar to Hyoga. Nakoruru originates from the well-known series Samurai Shodown.
  • Konoha see in also japanese fighting for Makoto Nanaya in BlazBlue.
  • One translation of her profile listed that she lived in Yokohama. In 3, the most current lists Kagurazaka Shinjuku.
    • It also listed that she originally didn't like any classes that made her sit still. Which could be a case of translation, or an implication that she has matured between games.
  • She likes to go visit the Hinode City Park.
  • Her original route is often considered to be a "joke route" by fans of the series.
  • Her official color is Grass-Green.