Main StorylineEdit

(Events found from the Mobile Game and put into the Gallery for viewing.)

The Stamp Rally!Edit

Konoha is heading for home after a long day of summer school when Nazuna approaches her, demanding they finally settle their struggle to determine who is better for Kamui. She demands a fight after Konoha refuses to just give in, and while initially against it, Konoha decides she has no choice.

After the fight ends, Nazuna decides they have tied. This confuses Konoha, since she clearly won, but she instead begins to wonder why Nazuna hates her so much, considering they both look after Kamui and should be able to get along. Nazuna asks her what she came to school for that day, then upon hearing that Konoha has two classes, she points out that she only has one class she comes to summer school for; which would mean she wins. Her delight soon falters into depression once Konoha guesses that she is unable to swim and she starts to tease her.

They are joined by Akane, who tells Nazuna that she should work on improving her physical strength if it really bothers her, but Nazuna claims she doesn't need to know this stuff since she will use her celestial power and intelligence to serve Kamui. Akane goes on to scold Nazuna for not being nicer to Konoha, but she tells her that as an enemy clan, she doesn't need to be.

It's then Heart comes by and hands the trio a paper for the Tokyo Arcana Stamp Relay. As they read over it, Heart points out that even if they don't come in first, there is always a bonus for anyone who manages to make it to the goal. She mentions that she is joining it with Saki and Maori, and she also knows that Lilica and Yori plan to enter too. Nazuna is inspired to take part in this, deciding that she and Konoha can finally use this as a way to determine who truly wins. She is dragged off by Akane shortly after, who feels she would only be repeating herself if she stays any longer, so while being pulled away she threatens to never forgive Konoha if she doesn't show up.

Seeing that Konoha's mood is somewhat dampened, Heart offers to rub and pet her for a few minutes - but she refuses. She suggests to Konoha that she just asks Kamui to join her in the Stamp Relay, and with good timing, she happens to appear before them. She explains that she came to pick up Konoha, since she wasn't able to rest very well, and Heart quickly takes off. Konoha and Kamui take off as well, with Konoha thinking over how much she would like to ask Kamui to join her. However, she is sure that she has to do it on her own, and that it will mean more that way.

Kamui voices concern after she notices the many expression changes Konoha makes, but she is quick to claim everything is fine. Kamui decides to believe her for the time being, but informs her that she can always talk to her about anything. Konoha agrees, then brings up that she will be gone for the following day.

The next day, Konoha is shocked to see how many people have showed up. She gets in line while lamenting how she almost showed up really late, then admits to not know what to do next. She doesn't see Nazuna or Akane, so she tries to look around for someone recognizeable. Unknowingly, Kamui happens to be there watching her.

Zenia is a BullyEdit

Konoha continues to wonder around when she spots Akane and Nazuna. They are a little confused, believing that she has already gotten the first stamp but she admits to not understanding. Then they ask Konoha why she is there:

To Compete Against You - She reminds Nazuna that this was her idea before thinking that she would rather just be friendly with Nazuna, to work side-by-side with her; but she is too stubborn. Nazuna is in a better mood to know that Konoha isn't just taking this lightly, though Akane doesn't think she entirely understands. Within minutes, Nazuna finds herself too upset to deal with Konoha any longer as she realizes that the girl doesn't really seem to understand after all.

I Want a Prize -

Huh....? - Konoha is unable to recall why she is actually there and questions it, causing the sisters much annoyance. Akane comments that while she has her suspicions she never knew it was that bad. Nazuna snaps at her, mistaking her forgetful nature as being ignorant and rude and attempts to attack her out of anger.

Akane tries to calm her upset sister, while Konoha watches with confusion, then she goes along to slowly explain the entire process. It starts at nine am and ends at three pm with a total of five checkpoints to visit. Nazuna is still frustrated, and scolds Akane for wasting their time by performing on the nearby stage, considering how far back the three of them are in the line. With that Kokona runs off to get back into the line. 

After she finally gets her first stamp she reads the clue, _kebukuro. Hinodechou Park. But, while she recognizes the park as the location of where she used to live in the past, she is confused by the circle mark and reads it as "circlekebukuro". While still confused, she decides just to head to her old home and check it out, since she hasn't been there in a long time. Kamui continues to watch her from a distance, but is concerned that she was unable to figure this puzzle out the right way.

Upon arrival, Konoha is happy to see how much everyone loves the location, using it as a park and playground for children. She finds herself feeling nostalgic however, and thinks about:

My Training Days - She came to Tokyo to follow her dream of being Kamui's attendant. But Kamui at first turned her down by saying she didn't need anymore. Due to her grandmothers insistance of it though, Konoha lived in this park and trained every day, stopping to pay her a visit in hopes she would reconsider. However, she is unable to recall just how long it took before she actually did agree. While it is a good memory, she remembers how she would cry on a daily basis from it.

Miss Kamui's Lap - Konoha recalls their time together, after first meeting. After a few days of being together they were tasked with defeating Mildred. But due to her inexperience and desire to protect Kamui, she wound up just causing problems and got severly hurt from it. But Kamui let her rest her head on her lap while petting her, and she begins to feel happy again.

That Red Scarf -

Konoha snaps out of her day dream, realizing that she needs to hurry up since the first stamp took so long to get. Before she can head off, Zenia stops her to demand that she summons Kamui there. Konoha refuses, pointing out that Kamui is just taking the day easy back at home and she doesn't want to interupt her. Zenia doesn't listen to her though and demands that if she doesn't do it, she should just hand over her stamp card now and forfeit. This causes Konoha to burst into tears and run away while caling her a bully.

I Won't Give Up!Edit

Konoha has stopped running and has found herself right in front of the school again. She is glad Zenia didn't give chase, but she is upset to know she was unable to get the last checkpoint stamp. She is joined by Lilica, who happens to see how down she is about something and offers to listen to her, if she wishes to talk about it. Lilica asks her why she didn't just try to fight her, and Konoha admits that she would rather avoid a physical confrontation if she can help it. She admits that given that it was Zenia, she probably would have ran as well though - since she is pretty scary. She also points out that Konoha can always return to that checkpoint later on and suggests that she just goes to another one for the time being.

While it is a good idea, Konoha points out that the checkpoints hold the next clue, which she doesn't have. Lilica then asks Konoha why she thinks she is there to begin with:

Are You taking a Walk? - Lilica questions who would bother coming to school during the summer on a walk, causing Konoha to bring up that maybe she was lonely. When someone walks around school they are bound to find someone else, but this causes Lilica to ask her if she thinks she doesn't have any friends.

Summer School? -

I have no Idea - Konoha admits not to knowing at all, so Lilica tells her to give it some thought. She tries to think it over, and voices that Lilica never does anything unless it is something fun, and when she is unable to find fun she will go and make some of her own. Lilica is happy that Konoha knows her so well, but when Konoha questions if she plans to blow up the school, Lilica can only yell at her. Konoha claims she was only trying to think like her, causing Lilica to question who she thinks she even is.

Lilica calls her annoying, then points out that the school is the second stamp location. Konoha thanks Lilica for the help, but Lilica stops her before she can leave. She points out that she deserves a thank you for helping Konoha out, but Konoha is quick to say she doesn't have any money on her. She hesitantly asks Konoha if she has seen Yoriko anywhere, then explains how she lost her. She accidentally got her upset and after she ran off, she lost sight of her.

At first Konoha bluntly repeats what she learned, not knowing it is just upsetting Lilica until she snaps at her. Eventually, Lilica comments on how nice Konoha is before they fall back into routine, causing her to leave in a much better mood. Konoha runs off to the second checkpoint while Lilica happens to pass Kamui, where they exchange a few words before parting.

At the next location Konoha notes that the line is still pretty big, but not nearly as bad as the beginning line. She comes across Mei-Fang, who explains she is working as the supervisor for the second checkpoint. She stamps the card for her, then Konoha goes over the next clue, _erima Amusement Park. Like at the first checkpoint though, she misreads it as "circle", and Mei-Fang comments on how interesting that method is. She also notes the lack of the first checkpoint stamp and brings it up, not knowing how upset Konoha is over it. She quickly explains what happened and her plans of returning back to get the stamp later on.

Before she is able to go, Mei-Fang stops her to reveal that Zenia is at the next destination. As well as a few others. This upsets Konoha, but she decides:

I Must Go! - She has to keep going for the sake of proving herself fit to be with Kamui. She is unhappy however, since everyone at the amusement park are bullies for her, except for Maori. But she refuses to quit.

No I don't want to go! -

I don't know what to do! - Konoha bursts into tears while trying to figure out why everyone who bullies her happens to be at the very next place she has to go to, but Mei-Fang is unable to help her. She trusts Maori, but she doesn't want to get her involved in their fickle arguements and she asks Mei-Fang for help. Mei-Fang points out that she is unable to leave her post but she will try to help however she can.

Mei-Fang suggests that Konoha just wait it out for a bit, then offers to let her have the lunch she prepared for the Professor earlier. She is very happy to know that Konoha really liked all of the food she prepared, and she announces that she no longer feels Zenia is at the park. Konoha thanks her and asks her to come by the Mansion some time, so that she can repay her. Mei-Fang agrees and tells Kamui to come out, after she leaves. She thanks Mei-Fang for the assistance and mentions how she would like to repay her as well before taking off to catch up with her.

Stop the Petting!Edit

At the park, Konoha finds herself momentarily distracted as she sees how much fun everyone else is having there. She reminds herself that after this she must return to the first checkpoint for the stamp she was unable to get, and scolds herself for taking so long to eat the lunch Mei-Fang prepared. She is happy to see that the others are not there any longer, and comments on how short this line is before hurriedly getting in it.

After she gets her stamp she reads the clue, _lteda Celestial Shrine. She reads the name, but unlike the past two hints, she is unable to identify it. She feels like she has heard the name before, but isn't really sure. She decides to worry about it later so that she can hurry up and get back to the first checkpoint, but stops upon spotting a crowd up ahead. She sees Dorothy putting on a show for everyone and the two young girls exchange greetings. Dorothy is happy that she had fun watching her, but brings up the fact that she isn't with Kamui - since she is usually always with her. 

Konoha explains that it is just them, but she happens to notice how odd Dorothy is acting. She claims it to be nothing though, then goes on to bring up how she saw Zenia earlier, along with a few others, but while recalling them, Konoha is quick to flee in terror.

In the processe, she gets lost and is unable to find her way out of the park. While she panics, Heart approaches with Saki and Konoha explains that she is participating in the Stamp Rally on her own. Heart is happy to see her, but bings up how sad Konoha looks, causing her to bring up that she got lost. She is very disappointed at herself for this, so Heart suggests that she tags along with them, since she just needs to head to the goal after getting this final stamp. Konoha admits that she cannot, then claims she got lost while trying to find the first checkpoint, unable to admit the truth to either one of them. 

Heart offers to help Konoha and gives Saki her stamp sheet. She promises to meet up with her later on and the two girls quickly head back to the Park. Konona is very impressed that she didn't get lost, and she is very happy that they didn't see Zenia or the others. They are joined by Catherine, who brings up that she had intended to lend Konoha a hand earlier, but she was unable to make it on time. She claims that Zenia didn't mean any harm, and Heart asks if something happened before offering to pet her. Konoha refuses, and Catherine brings up the stamp sheet. She points out that nobody is in line at the time, so she quickly runs in to get it. The girls congratulate her and Konoha admits not to knowing where the last location is.

Catherine then comments that the spotted circle isn't meant to be read, assuming that Konoha is only joking. She believes that it is just stupid, and that nobody would fall for such a trick so she doesn't even find it amusing. Konona asks how someone is supposed to read the clues then, causing Catherine to realize Konoha isn't really joking. Heart admits that she doesn't entirely blame Konoha and Catherine explains how someone is supposed to actually figure out the clues. This causes Konoha to realize the actual name is Alteda Celestial Shrine.

Before Konoha makes an attempt to leave, Heart tries to convince her to let her pet and rub her, but Konoha continues to refuse. She is unable to understand why Heart has such an interest in petting her though, so Catherine suggests that they just hook up later on, so that she can pay Heart back for the help. Both girls are unhappy with this, but Konoha agrees to it anyway and allows Heart to pet her now, just for a moment. But when Heart refuses to stop, a fight between them breaks out.

Heart refuses to stop petting Konoha, since she wants to make it a very long-lasting experience; one long enough to last a lifetime. Konoha, more upset than when they started, apologizes and tries to make a break for it.

Victory for Konoha!Edit

After running away from Heart, Konoha happens to come across Yoriko. She mentions having met with Lilica earlier on and recalls what Lilica spoke to her about. Yoriko still feels a bit down and doesn't wish to face her yet, but Konoha is able to make her reconsider as she continues to quote her. She invites Yoriko to join her to the finish line, but she refuses and decides to wait there a little longer. After she comments on how quote her skeletal staff has been, Konoha leaves.

Upon arrival to the Shrine, Konoha happens to realize that nobody else is there. She proclaims herself the winner when she is joined by Nazuna and Akane, reminding her of what was agreed. Nazuna claims that she was stuck with a handicap, as in her sister, so it isn't fair because Akane kept stopping to play around. After she gets called an idiot, Akane admits with a pout that she had a lot of fun because Nazuna was with her. While it is momentarily touching, Nazuna claims to hate Akane and is very angry that Konoha was able to best her. She then chases after Konoha as she tries to make her way to the finish line.

Konoha suggests they cross the finish line together but Nazuna refuses to listen to her. They don't have very much time before someone else shows up, but Nazuna won't let Konoha finish unless they both stand a fair chance. They agree to a quick fight to decide who crosses first, but by the time Konoha is declared the winner - they announce that someone else has gotten the final stamp. This causes Konoha to burst into tears while Nazuna weakly tries to apologize to her for getting in the way like she did. Akane decides it's time for them to go and pulls her along as Konoha continues to cry.Until Kamui suddenly shows up and tries to calm her down.

She explains that she originally did stay home to rest, but after worrying over her she decided to follow instead. She goes on to explain how she ran into Lilica and Yoriko earlier on and while she is sad they were unable to finish the stamp relay, they did leave hand-in-hand. While she may not have finished her original goal, she was able to help others today and had fun, so in the end she shouldn't feel so down because she is proud of her. In a much better mood, Konoha suddenly points out her own disappointment in not realizing she was following her. But with the girls both in good moods they take off. 

The next day, Nazuna and Akane wait outside of the school. Nazuna has come early to apologize for how things went, but to her shock, when Konoha and Kamui show up, Konoha begins to brag about how she would have won even if they didn't get into that fight. She claims that she was only humoring her, but in doing so, Nazuna gets angry and starts to chase her. She continues to make threats against her as Konoha cries and tries to get Kamui to help her.

Sub StoryEdit

(Small Events unlocked for each Character.)

Athletics FestivalEdit

Konoha sadly tries to determine what she should do regarding the upcoming Athletic Festival. She has a special bib sewn for her by Kamui, but she will be unable to participate if she doesn't wear the classes. Nazuna accuses her of being selfish and calls her a coward, then tells her that she has no choice and to just wear the bib before storming off.

After school she is found by Kamui - who questions what the problem is. She claims it to be nothing, but when she notes her suspicious expression, she admits why she is upset. While she is happy with Konoha's thoughtful nature, she tells her that the time she spent practicing will just go to waste if she is unable to participate. To ease her pain, Kamui offers to do the switching for her and mentions that she will need to put hers on anyway, so she doesn't mind. Konoha offers to make it up to her by sewing her own bib for her, while she does hers and Kamui agrees. 

Nice Weather Today. . .Edit

Konoha enjoys the nice warm weather they have been having recently and decides to do the laundry. She knows Kamui will sleep well, then she runs off to prepare some tea after she finishes. While drinking it though, she finds herself feeling really sleepy and passes out.

Kamui returns home a while later to find her asleep, so she helps her up to bed. Konoha awakens a bit later to find Kamui petting her, suggesting that she just keeps resting since she is sure she is tired from doing so many chores. While Konoha feels a bit bad for not finishing, she can't help but stay there just a while longer.

Playing with PaperEdit

Konoha is saddned by the fact she can't have lunch with Kamui. But she decides to hurry up and eat anyway, so that she can use the remainder of the time playing outside. She is approached by Nazuna, who has once again come by to demand they settle their battle once and for all, much to Konoha's annoyance. She suggests that Nazuna come and play with her outside, but Nazuna quickly denies it by saying she doesn't like to go and play outside. Seeing how sad Konoha looks, Nazuna begins to reconsider her decision - until realizing Konoha already left.  

Konoha runs outside and waits to see if Nazuna joins her, but to her disappointment she does not. She wonders if she is still inside and she heads back in to find Nazuna folding paper. This startles her and she asks Konoha why she came back to the class. Konoha explains that she decided to play indoors, so that she can hang out with Nazuna instead. Nazuna is initially confused, then refuses to teach Konoha how to make origami since she feels it would be better for her to learn on her own.

At first, Nazuna remains quiet as Konoha decides to teach herself; but after she sees how poorly she does, she is quick to snap at her and show her the proper way to fold origami paper.

Kamui's AffectionEdit

The girls have come out to try a brand new curry rice eatery, but much to Konoha's disappointment she cannot eat it, since onions are cooked in the food. Kamui decides they should just go home then, but Konoha insists that she stays so that she can still try out the place. Kamui refuses this by saying she wouldn't feel right eating in front of Konoha, and she refuses to even try it unless they can both eat. She then suggests they make some curry rice at home afterwards and points out that they can just omit the onion.

However, neither of them know how to make it. So they try to locate Heart and ask for her help. While it may take a while, Kamui promises that they will learn how to make curry rice, so that they can both eat it together.

Trivial MattersEdit

Love brings a parfait to Konoha, and mentions her plans to make some for Maori and Saki as well, since they have some after class activities going on. She asks to pet Konoha, but is quickly met with a refusal. Before Konoha can start to eat, she is interupted by Nazuna - who demands a fight. Heart is quick to butt-in, asking if she can pet Nazuna's tail, only to be met with the same refusal. She scolds Heart for surprising her, then Heart offers to make her a parfait as well. Nazuna refuses because a parfait isn't japanese and she doesn't really like to eat anything outside of their own region. Konoha argues with her by saying they are really good though, and that she shouldn't decide without even trying it first, but this causes them to bicker. 

Heart is quick to interupt the feuding girls and tells them not to fight. She then decides to make more parfait and runs off, leaving them confused until she makes a Heart-ful Japanese-style Parfait. Which is filled with many japanese things, such as sweet beans, bean paste, wafers, shaved ice, and many other little things. While initially surprised, both girls take a bite and wind up really liking it. She is able to get the girls to agree not to fight for the rest of the day and they continue to eat.  


Konoha is preparing to leave the park when Zenia suddenly shows up. Out of fear she is quick to hide from her, only to watch as a child runs into her. She panics, worried that Zenia will harass the child, but before she can get out to help she watches as Zenia kindly tries to calm them down. She gently observes the childs knee while Konoha watches with shock. The child apologizes for bumping into her and she kindly comments on this while Konoha makes a quick get-away to report home and tell Kamui.

To the BeachEdit

Konoha, Heart, Kamui, and Lilica arrive to the beach. While Heart compliments the outfit Kamui chose to wear, Konoha decides that today would be the perfect time to show how good she can swim to Kamui. She grabs her floaties and runs up to the water but the girls follow after her to mention that she should warm up first, to avoid getting a cramp. At first things seem fine, but Konoha is quick to get foot cramps and loses conciousness while the waves splash over her.

Kamui is quick to use the life buoy they brought with them and she calms Konoha down after she tearfully apologizes for doing something so reckless. She warns her to make sure she does her stretches first, then asks that she always keeps in distance so that she can see her and asks Konoha to promise this. She agrees and thanks her.

On the Way HomeEdit

Konoha plays with Kouta and Koita one day at Maori's. She decides it is time to head home after Maori calls for them to remind them of how late it is. Konoha apologizes for taking so long and takes off, but before she goes Maori thanks her for playing with her little sisters. Konoha thinks about her words before claiming that she feels envious for not having a big sister like Maori, but when Maori questions this she claims it to be nothing and continues on. She is approached by Kamui, who commented that because it was so late she just came to pick her up herself. They hold hands, causing Konoha to realize that she has no reason to be envious over the twins, because Kamui is only hers.

Hot Meat BunEdit

Konoha has just finished shopping when she notices a long line. She decides to stop and grab a meat bun for Kamui, and while waiting for the line to let up she starts to day dream over how the event will play out. She runs into Catherine, Kira, Mei-Fang, and Mei Ling. She is down over how she was unable to get the meat bun and explains to them this. However, Kira is just frustrated over being ignored while the other girls try to comfort her. Mei-Fang gets an idea and gives Konoha the meat buns she happened to have made earlier and Konoha thanks her before running off.

The AquariumEdit

Kamui brings Konoha to the Aquarium and shows her a dolphin. She explains that they can come back to witness the dolphin show later on, and Konoha expresses how much fun she has had. She is also shown the weird-looking Ocean Sunfish and asks if they can eat it. Kamui mentions that she isn't sure if it is edible, then tries to convince Konoha that they can't try to fish for the creatures there, because they are meant to be observed. Konoha is disappointed, since she knows how much Kamui loves to eat fish dishes and thought she would really like it because it's rare. Kamui voices that she is happy that Konoha cares enough to think about her, then tells her that she prefers the rice balls she makes for her anyway. With this they decide to stop for lunch.  

Various EventsEdit

(These are found in the main Game when selecting a location to head to.)


Instantly she fawns over how cute Konoha is and she promises to take very good care of her. She tells her that she can't just stay there though, because Kamui doesn't attend that school.


Kira is angry with dogs and because Konoha is very dog-like, she believes that by beating her up she would feel better. Konoha doesn't feel this is right, since she has nothing to do with her frustration and takes off.


She is upset that her sister, Nazuna has a rival, but she does not. So she demands to have a rival too and begins fighting Konoha. She suggests that she goes to speak to Maori instead and takes off after the battle.


Fiona asks Konoha how she has become a human after being born as a dog - but Konoha tells her that she was never born a dog and mistakes her question for cruelty.


She starts by teasing Konoha, but after she gets a bit too affectionate she gets a little weirded out and tells her to stay away from her. Konoha asks if Lilica will let her use her roller-shoes, but she refuses by saying she never promised such a thing and tells her to stay away. Konoha asks to know why she's so mean to her and they start a fight. It's then she happens to spot the celestial stone and picks it up, offering to trade it for Lilica's skates - but she refuses again and tells her to just go away.


Eko is searching for her sisters when Konoha spots her. She feels bad for her and offers to play with her for the mean time and Eko cheers right up. But she wants to play fight, much to her disappointment. She agrees anyway though, and a battle begins. Afterwards, Konoha asks about Eko's unique ability to bring her art to life and because she is so happy and had so much fun, Eko rewards her with one of the stones she found. Eko then leaves to search for her sisters elsewhere.


Hearts demands that Konoha drops the stone, as she heard they are very dangerous. She asks to trade it by offering to give a Konoha tummy rub, but a fight ensues instead. She apologizes for not giving it to her and before going, tells Heart that she'd rather get tummy rubs from Kamui.


Spotting the Celestial Stone, Saki asks to have it. She really needs it and doesn't have anything to trade for it though. After they battle, Konoha refuses, although she seems to feel a little bad and explains that she really needs it too, to give to Kamui.


After she comes across her fellow canine-human rival, both girls demand that they have the others Celestial Stone. They both refuse though and decide to settle it with a fight to determine who can claim both stones. After she loses, Nazuna sadly hands over her celestial stone and runs off in tears while Konoha celebrates - discussing how many rubs she can get for the two stones.


She stops Konoha and tells her not to interfere, but tries to kindly do it to avoid being too mean or awkward. She asks to be given the celestial stone she has on her person, but Konoha tells her that she has to give it to Kamui. Weiss refuses to relent however, and she decides to just take it by force. After the fight, Konoha wins, but Weiss is able to swipe it and take off without her even noticing it. Konoha begins to bawl and gives chase after she scolds herself.


Konoha happens to find Scharlachrot and Weiss and hears them discuss how they both had plans of stopping the ultimate weapon. However, Scharlachrot feels embittered by Weiss and how she didn't come for her, like she thought she would. She did what she could for Weiss, but now it's too late. Using her chains she binds her old friend while Weiss tries to reason with her. She asks what she plans to do now, but instead Scharlachrot mentions off-handedly that she could always just kill her now, then herself. 

However, someone keeps getting in her way. So before she tends to themselves, Scharlachrot plans to kill Konoha first. After besting her in a duel, Scharlachrot demans to know why Konoha insists on getting in her way and the stones go off to awaken Ragnarok, the ultimate Weapon. Konoha, knowing that she must stop it quickly approaches the ultimate weapon and breaks it down, effectively ridding it useless and causing it to vanish in mid-air as she scolds it for trying to destroy Japan.

In the alternate path, Konoha shows up on location, having sensed more stones. Scharlachrot decides that with her two, she just needs them to get Ragnarok up and running. Konoha refuses to let this happen, realizing that she may be without tummy rubs if she was to get their ultimate weapon running and she battles Scharlachrot. Afterwards she steps in to stop the weapon after her stones are taken from her and before the countdown can end, she defeats Ragnarok and manages to destroy it.


Konoha returns home to work on something, but she struggles. Persistant she continues to work, trying to hurry before Kamui returns.

Meanwhile, Kamui voices her concerns with Konoha lately, as she has tea with Maori. She mentions how much time she spends in the attic lately and how she returns with an injury every time she comes out of it. Maori is sure everything is fine though, and says goodbye to Kamui when she decides to head back.

She arrives to find Konoha up in the attic. Konoha greets her before revealing what she worked so hard to make: two dolls, one of herself and one of Kamui. She asks her to accept them and explains to her that Maori helped her finish them. She made them to make up for all the trouble she feels she probably causes Kamui, and mentions that she may not like such things but hopes she will take them anyway. Kamui gently chastises her by saying that Konoha worked very hard to make them, and she takes the plush dolls while thanking her. Konoha promises to always be by her side, forever and ever.