• Normal - Stands with her fingers poised to resemble someone preparing to perform a jutsu. Her tail waggles back and fourth.
  • Advantageous - Pulls her scarf down and clasps her hands while hopping up and down.
  • Disadvantageous - Sweats while bashfully poking her fingers together.
  • Attack (1) - Comes at the screen while raising her arm to it.
  • Attack (2) - Flies back while tossing numerous shuriken.
  • Attack (3) -
  • Damage -  Clamps hands on ears while shutting eyes,
  • Victory - Brings arms close before raising them into the air. Her mouth is exposed during this.
  • Defeat - Falls forward with her butt raised in the air slightly.
  • Special Victory - Throws a smoke bomb and once it vanishes, she poses in a swimsuit with innertube and snorkel. 
  • Special Victory 2 - Poses after throwing a smoke bomb. Is wearing a school uniform.



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