The normal Lieselotte.


  • Dress: Red with green bows.
  • Suitcase: Pale brown
  • Doll: brown with purple hair


  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Black
  • Dress: Pale grey with black ribbon and tights.
  • Doll: Matches the dress with cream-colored hair.


  • Skin: Tanned
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Lime
  • Dress: Dark grey with hot pink
  • Suitcase: White
  • Doll: Grey skin with white hair.


  • Hair: Pale brown
  • Eyes: Lime
  • Dress: White and pink with black tights.
  • Suitcase: Pink
  • Doll: Pink with pale pink hair.


  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Dress: Dark blue and white. Ribbons are light goldenrod.
  • Suitcase: Dull grey-blue
  • Doll: blue-grey with yellow hair.


  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Turqoise
  • Dress: Green dress with grey accenting and white ribbons.
  • Suitcase: White
  • Doll: Grey skin with blonde hair.


  • Hair: Sandy-blonde
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Dress: Purple and grey
  • Suitcase: Light brown
  • Doll: Lilac skin with yellow hair


  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Dress: Pale blue and white with red ribbons
  • Suitcase: Blood-Red
  • Doll: Blood-red with dark grey hair.


  • Hair: Dark grey
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Dress: White with pale blue and slightly darker blue ribbons.
  • Suitcase: Dull raspberry
  • Doll: White with indigo hair.


  • Hair: Pale yellow
  • Skin: Light brown
  • Eyes: Black
  • Dress: Pink with white accenting and ribbons of red.
  • Suitcase: Dull raspberry-brown
  • Doll: Pale pink with strawberry hair.


  • Hair: Grey
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Dress: Pale grey with white accent and red ribbons
  • Suitcase: Brown
  • Doll: White with dark grey hair


  • Hair: pale melon
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Dress: Gold with white accenting and emerald ribbons. Black tights.
  • Suitcase: pale gold
  • Doll: Bright yellow with dull hazel-grey hair.


  • Hair: Brown-Orange
  • Eyes: Black
  • Dress: White with melon accenting and sky blue ribbons
  • Suitcase: pale brown
  • Doll: White with melon hair.


  • Hair: Emerald
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Dress: orange with tomato accent and ribbons if pale melon
  • Suitcase: Purple
  • Doll: Grey with goldenrod hair.


  • Hair: Ice
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Dress: Blue with pale blue-white and ribbons of violet.
  • Suitcase: Light purple
  • Doll: Pale blue-white with purple hair.


  • Hair: Black
  • Skin: pale brown
  • Eyes: Dark red
  • Dress: Dark grey with black accent and bright red ribbons.Her legs are skin-tone to look like tights.
  • Suitcase: Black
  • Doll: Pale grey with watermelon hair.


  • Hair: Neon yellow
  • Eyes: Black
  • Dress: Gold with black accent and ribbons.
  • Suitcase: Black with gold accent
  • Doll: Gold with black hair.


  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Black
  • Dress: White with light blue accent and dark blue ribbons.
  • Suitcase: Dark blue with white accent
  • Doll: White with raspberry hair



Normal Lieselotte but with thicker shading


  • Hair: Bright, light yellow
  • Eyes: Pink
  • Dress: Navy with white accent and ribbons of purple. 
  • Suitcase: Crimson with gold


  • Hair: Gold
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Dress: Grey with red accenting and ribbons of white.
  • Suitcase: Grey with red accent


  • Hair: Bright yellow
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Dress: Purple with ivory accent and black ribbons. Her legs are black to resemble tights.
  • Suitcase: Pale grey with ivory


  • Hair: Mint
  • Eyes: Pale yellow
  • Dress: Gold with pale yellow-white accent and grass-green ribbons. She wears grey tights. 
  • Suitcase: Pale brown with grey


  • Hair: Pink
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Dress: Dark blue with pale blue-ivory accent and gold ribbons. She has brown tights on.
  • Suitcase: Pale indigo with pale brown.


  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Outfit: Very pale grey with white accenting and blood-red ribbon.
  • Suitcase: Brown-themed.


  • Hair: Ice blue
  • Eyes: Turqoise
  • Dress: White with pale indigo-ivory. The ribbons are indigo.
  • Suitcase: Pale pink with fuchsia accent


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