Lieselotte is a very lonely little girl. But her cold and creepy behavior doesn't really attract many to her.

AH1 CharactersEdit

Heart AinoEdit

Heart is one of the few that Lieselotte may be easier on. Originally she was hired to kidnap and harm Heart, but after being saved by her she had reconsidered and stays in Japan to help the Celestial Union branch located there. Heart affectionately calls her Liesy-Poo.

Saki TsuzuraEdit

Lieselotte is openly hostile towards Saki but for unknown reasons. She will mock and make fun of her, and has expressed the desire to see her on the ground writhing in pain. At one point she even told her older sister to beat her up, to which she complied, but lost, causing her to express disappointment. 

AH2 CharactersEdit

Zenia ValovEdit

Zenia is really her older, amnesiac sister, Elfriede. They have almost been inseperable since finding one-another and she deeply admires and cares for her older sister. While they resemble one-another, they also share few things in common. Her doll that she uses to fight with is even named after her.

AH3 CharactersEdit