Normal Lilica.


  • Hair: Norma colored but worn with blue scrunchies to match her earrings.
  • Outfit: Bright blue tube top and sort-shorts. Parka is pale blue with yellow stripes, opposite of her normal colored top. Her pads are pale yellow on top of dark blue material.
  • Wings: Dark blue
  • Skates: Pink accented with grey and pink wheels.


  • Hair: Platinum Blonde with normal Lilica earrings and hair pieces.
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Skin: Pale
  • Outfit: A pink tube top and short-shorts. Parka is pale pink with purple accent and a red zipper. Her pads are lilac on top of pale pink material. Her gloves are pale pink and her collar is deep red. 
  • Skates: The metal is light red while the accenting is bright purple. The wheels are grey and purple.


  • Hair: Dark Pink with pale orange scrunchies and earrings.
  • Eyes: Raspberry
  • Skin: Pale
  • Outfit: A dark red tube top and short-shorts. Her collar is black while her pads are milk-blue on top of rusted orange cloth. Her gloves are blood-red. Her parka is light red with pale blue accenting and a dark grey zipper.
  • Skates: Dark grey with blood-red accenting. Grey and bright red wheels.


  • Hair: Pale pink with dark orange scrunchies and earrings.
  • Eyes: Lime
  • Skin: A pale tan
  • Outfit: Grey-indigo tube top, short-shorts, and gloves. Collar is black and the parka is blue with pale yellow zipper and accent. The pads are pale yellow on dark grey material.
  • Skates: Pale yellow with blue accenting. The wheels are grey and bright blue.


  • Hair: Seafoam with gold scrunchie and earrings.
  • Eyes: Bright orange
  • Skin: Tanned
  • Outfit: Sapphire tube top with short-shorts and cloth around knees and elbows. The pads are ice blue to match the accenting on her light blue parka. The zipper is a dull blue and her collar is dark blue. 
  • Skates: Dull blue with grey and blue skates.


  • Hair: Pale, dull blonde with lime green scrunchies and earrings.
  • Eyes: Light Fuchsia
  • Skin: Pale
  • Outfit: A dark tea-rose tube top and short-shorts with pale yellow pads on top of dull purple cloth, matching her gloves. She wears a black collar and a melon-colored Parka with pale yellow accent. 
  • Skates: Pale Ivory with melon accent. Wheels are grey with melon.


  • Hair: Dull White with red earrings and scrunchie.
  • Eyes: Royal Blue
  • Skin: Pale
  • Outfit: A turqoise tube-top, short-shorts, gloves, zipper, and cloth tied around elbows and knees. Her pads are soft red to match the accenting on her silver parka. Her collar is dark blue.
  • Wings: Pale brown
  • Skates: Dark Turqoise with pale orange accent. Wheels are dark blue with pale yellow.


  • Hair: Grey with purple earrings and scrunchie.
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Skin: White
  • Outfit: A red and violet tube-top and short-shorts. She wears a dull purple parka with white accenting and a dark red zipper. Her pads are dull white and worn on top of grey cloth, matching her gloves.
  • Wings: Dark Red
  • Skates: Dark berry-red with a single acent of dark blue. The wheels are light purple and silver.


  • Hair: Ivory with blue earrings and scrunchies.
  • Eyes: Royal Blue
  • Outfit: Black tube-top, short-shorts, choker, and gloves. Her parka is also black and accented by pale blue and a grey zipper. Pads are pale blue while the cloth is white.
  • Skates: Grey with red accenting. Dark grey wheels with the same red.


  • Hair: Black with pale, sky blue earrings and scrunchies.
  • Eyes: Royal Blue
  • Outfit: Ivory tube-top and short-shorts. The parka is light blue with pale sky blue accent and pale gold zipper to match her choker. Gloves are black to match the cloth beneath her pads, which are pale sky blue.
  • Skates: Ivory with red accenting. Wheels are dark grey with red. 


  • Hair: Lilac with orange scrunchies and earrings.
  • Eyes: Dark pink
  • Outfit: Dark red tube-top and short-shorts. Parka is lavender with blue accent and silver zipper. Gloves are red. Pads are light blue while the cloth is light silver.
  • Skates: Lilac with dark red accenting. Pale grey and red wheels.
  • Wings: Black


  • Hair: Black
  • Skin: Light brown
  • Eyes: Black
  • Outfit: Black
  • Wings: A light, darkened red.
  • Skates: Black with darkened red accenting and wheels to match.


  • Hair: Pale, ice blue with turqoise earrings and scrunchies.
  • Eyes: Teal
  • Skin: White
  • Outfit: Pale blue parka with teal tube top and short-shorts. Gloves and cloth are teal with pale blue pads. Dark Turqoise choker.
  • Wings: Dark Turqoise.
  • Skates: Seafoam skates with matching wheels accented by dull gold.


  • Hair: Soft Blonde with gold scrunchies and earrings.
  • Eyes: Royal Blue
  • Outfit: Black parka with gold accenting to match her pads and cloth beneath them. Gloves are gold, like the choker, tube-top, and short-shorts.
  • Skates: Gold with black accenting. Wheels are solid black.


  • Hair: Normal colored but with blue earrings and scrunchies.
  • Outfit: Black tube top and short-shorts with bright red parka. Black fingerless gloves and pale gold pads on top of black cloth. Choker is black.
  • Skates: White with dark red accenting and black wheels with the same red.
  • Wings: Black


  • Hair: Orange-Brown with Lime scrunchies and earrings.
  • Outfit: Pale pink parka with a copper zipper. Grey tube top and short-shorts and a pair of white pads on dark raspberry cloth to match her gloves. Dark green choker.
  • Skates: Copper with copper wheels accented by white.
  • Wings: Dark green


  • Outfit: Lilac-indigo parka with pale seafoam zipper. Dark red tube top and short-shorts. Dark purple gloves and cloth with very pale green tint pads.
  • Skates: Mint with dark red accent. Dark green skates with red accent.
  • Wings: Black



Normal Lilica, but with a thicker shading.


  • Hair: Ice blue with pale pink earrings and scrunchies.
  • Eyes: Teal
  • Skin: Pale pink
  • Outfit: A white tube-top with white pocket lines and short-shorts. The parka is pale pink. Her gloves and collar are indigo-blue.
  • Skates: Pale pink with white accent. Black wheels with white.
  • Pads: Pure white
  • Wings: Indigo-blue


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