In the name of the head of the Kasuga Family, I shall fulfill my duty...!

Maori Kasuga
Maori profile
Kanji 春日 舞織
Romaji Kasuga Maori
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Birthday November 26
Height 153cm
Weight 45kg
Measurements 88cm/58cm/87cm
Blood Type AB
Personal Statistics
Organization Metaphysics Junior High School, 2nd Year, Class A
Favorite Subject Home Economics, History, Art
Weakest Subject Science
Fighting Style Kasuga Demon Exorcism
Game Arcana Heart
Voice Actor Maki Tsuchihya

Maori Kasuga is a character in the Arcana Heart series. Her Arcana is Ohtsuchi and she is the second eldest of four siblings.


For the longest of times the Kasuga Family has been performing blessings, exorcisms, purifications, and other rituals. As the second eldest out of four siblings, Maori is in charge of directing her sisters during their rituals. With her sisters by her side, the four can unleash a magical arrow that never fails to repel demons.


Maori is a fair-skinned girl with bright caramel-colored eyes. She has very long, flowing straight cut hair worn in a Hime-Cut with gold ribbon tied to the hair on each side of her head. She wears a white and red dress usually worn by shrine maidens composed of a white shirt and long, oversized sleeves on top of it. Below her chest is a loose red cloth tied into a knot to hold the skirt. Comes with a pair of white toed-socks and plain brown sandals with red straps.


A mature and caring girl, Maori is very busy. As the matriarch of the family she is often relied on to watch over her younger twin sisters, perform in rituals, and other tasks around the home. As such she values what little free time she gets by spending it in school - which she tends to find fun and relaxing.

She is very motherly and friendly towards everyone, and her kind, hard-working nature has made her highly reliable and dependable in times of need. However, she is strict in that she insists on retaining the generations old traditions.

Fight CommandsEdit

Maori Skills

Arcana HeartEdit

Maori, along with her sisters are requested by the Ministry of Elemental Affairs to use their powers and investigate the Skies above Tokyo.

Arcana Heart 2Edit

Arcana Heart 3Edit

For Generations the Kasuga family has assisted the Celestial Union with demon-related matters but on occasion they will tend to the Planar Rifts that periodically pop up around the country. Like the Union she is suspicious of Petra.

For a Full List of Events in AH3: /AH3 Storyline


If you have an evil aura, my sisters and I will purify it.

Though you may possess extraordinary spiritual powers, I will never relinquish my role as the head of the Kasuga family! My Pride will not allow it!


  • Maori attends Archery Club on Mondays and the Tea Ceremony Club on Wensdays.
  • Her official color is Yellow.
  • She lives at the Kasuga Family Shrine with her three sisters.
  • In fits of jealousy, Clarice believes that Maori and Elsa are in a relationship.
  • Maori doesn't like meat-based dishes.
  • Maori is one of the few in the cast, if not only, girl lacking any sort of relationship bordering on a two-girl romance.
    • This may have to do with her insistance on tradition or lack of care regarding romance at the time.
  • Is the second character with large breasts





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