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(Events found from the Mobile Game and put into the Gallery for viewing.)

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(Small Events unlocked for each Character.)


Maori has done some shopping for herself and her sisters, but she happens to notice a spot that she previously saw as vacant. In it's empty spot is now a new store. She determines that it is a bakery and keeps this in mind, so that she can tell Elsa later on. Seeing how tempting the baked goods look, Maori decides to buy a bunch of them - at least until she recalls having already bought stuff for them all. She decides to just wait, but can't resist getting the red bean pastry, especially when she doesn't even know when she may get to see Elsa again. To her surprise, she just happens to bump into her as she exits the bakery.

The girls are momentarily shocked but shake it off rather quickly. This causes Maori to realize that she had been standing in front of the door for quite a while, just in her own thoughts. She asks if Elsa came by to visit it, as it just opened as far as she knew - but Elsa tells her that this is actually her second visit. After being complimented by Maori, Elsa happens to spot the box of chocolate she dropped. She puts it back into her bag for her while making small talk about a nearby place selling various chocolate sweets and baked-goods. Maori is surprised since Elsa usually only speaks of red bean treats, but Elsa claims it is necessary to try other things too. She tells Maori where she can find it before realizing they should be more careful when speaking of other shops within distance of one like it. Maori agrees and Elsa takes off, so Maori decides that it won't kill her to buy a few more things.  

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Maori comes outside to find Konoha playing with Kouta and Koito. She thanks her for taking the time to play with them, and they are joined by Kamui; who came to pick Konoha up after she finishes playing with the twins. Maori offers to make some tea, but Kamui tells her that she doesn't have to and offers to do it instead. The girls discuss Koito and Kouta for a bit, along with using a cell phone. She admits that she has been struggling to use anything technical, then goes on to mention how she feels as though the Celestial Energy has severaly died down since her last awakening, and she feels like something has been missing. But she stops, realizing that she shouldn't be bringing Maori down with her thoughts or concerns and gets Konoha to leave. Maori watches them leave, then comments that while watching them, she feels as though she can see the thing that is missing. She is interupted by the twins who question her sudden behavior, but claims it to be nothing before asking them to hold hands while they make their way back inside.  

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(These are found in the main Game when selecting a location to head to.)


Casually she asks Maori if she happens to know what the Celestial Stones may look like. She claims not to care though. Maori mentions having only seen them once before, but the were beautiful.


She asks Maori to tell her where the Celestial Stones are located. She mentions really needing them, but Maori tells her that her desire for them will only lead to tradegy - so she refuses to say anything.


Maori happens to come across Echo trying to locate her sisters. She offers to play with her in the mean time, but is concerned over Echo's choice of game - which involves fighting each other. After Maori wins, she decides that Echo isn't one of evil and believes she will be fine. As a reward for being beaten, Echo decides to give her the Celestial Stone she found. Maori thanks her and continues on her way. 


Fiona comments on how lucky Maori is, however she wishes that it was she who owned at least one stone to help her. She decides to fight Maori for it, seeing no other option. Maori apologizes for not allowing her to have it, saying that it would be largely irresponsible. 


She demands the Celestial Stone, but when Maori refuses to give it a fight ensues. However, after a second of letting her guard down, Maori is shocked to find out that Weiss took the stone from her. She decides to chase after Weiss to get it back.


Maori arrives to see that she has bound Weiss and took the two Celestial Stones from her. She tries to speak to her, but she is not in a listening mood and decides to kill Maori before she goes through with her plans of killing Weiss and herself. After being defeated by Maori, she demands to know why Maori is getting in her way before the stones fly from her grasp and awaken Ragnarok.

With shock Maori observes it before calming herself. She decides that she must stop it before it can destroy Japan and attacks Ragnarok until she is able to break everything, causing it to shut down. She comments on how she has managed to do a job well done and saved everyone, but is now concerned with the aftermath and decides to make sure everybody is safe. 


A few days later, Maori has invited Konoha over for something. To their surprise Elsa stops by for a visit, and comments that she just happened to be in the area, but she feels bad for interupting - until Konoha reveals she was actually leaving. She quickly takes off to allow them some time together, so Maori offers to make her some tea before they start. Elsa first denies, but she slowly reconsiders.

After being joined by her twin sisters, Maori asks Elsa why she has come to visit. She asks Maori if she ever feels like she can't just make what she wants to happen, happen, and Maori claims that she goes through this realization on a daily basis. While she knows that nobody is perfect and some things can't be changed, she knows that with the love and support of her family she can surpass her weaknesses. Her sisters agree with this statement before Tsuzune shows up with the tea. Elsa is able to agree with Maori on this and comments on how knowledgeable she is; causing her sisters to say that she is the best person in all of Japan.