Maori is very passive and gentle, and as such, gets along with most. While she may say something if she disagrees with them - she is rarely ever seen angry with someone. 

Characters from AH1Edit

Heart AinoEdit

One of Maori's best and closest friends. She deeply cares for Heart and acts very motherly towards her. Unlike Saki, who may chastise or harshly scold, Maori tries to be more kind about things Heart may do that she is unhappy with. She will help Heart as much as she possibly can and often agrees to do things with her, since she finds them to be fun. 

Saki TsuzuraEdit

Her other best friend. Maori and Saki think a lot alike and show themselves to be mature and skillful girls. While they can relate on many things, or regarding opinions whenever Heart does something; they handle their feelings differently. Maori may sometimes tease Saki regarding her true feelings whenever she is able to notice them.


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Characters from AH2Edit

Elsa La ContiEdit

Maori and Elsa seem to interact well with each other. At one point Elsa had asked to speak with her in privacy for unknown reasons, implying a trust in her.

Clarice di LanzaEdit

Maori doesn't seem bothered or angry with Clarice after she made an attempt to get her away from Elsa; who she is very posessive over. 

Characters from AH3Edit