Mei Ling Hua
Mei Ling Hua 1
Romaji Hua Mei-Ling
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese
Personal Statistics
Occupation Scientist
Game Arcana Heart

Mei Ling Hua is a character in the Arcana Heart series responsible for making Mei-Fang. She has a friendship with Kira Daidouji, who is a colleague from school.



Mei Ling greatly resembles Mei-Fang as a result of basing her on herself. She has pale-skin and bright teal-green eyes, with dark navy-blue hair worn up in a bun covered by a white frilly cloth held by yellow rope. Her bangs are neatly brushed to the side leaving her forehead exposed in the middle, and on the right side is an emerald hair clip. 

She is shown wearing a white lab coat on top of a teal and gold chinese gown.


A kind and thoughtful Professor who often finds herself wound up in her work to focus on much else. She is pretty forgetful due to this and can be neglectful of her health. She loves Mei-Fang but wishes she would smile more often - since she did encode most of her own personality into her. She refuses to let anything she has made be used for Military purposes.

Arcana HeartEdit

Mei Ling mysterious leaves Tokyo for somewhere else and as Mei-Fang follows after her to try to find her, she soon learns that Mei Ling was taken captive by Mildred Avallone.

Arcana Heart 2Edit

Arcana Heart 3Edit

Mei Ling was invited to become the Celestial engineering advisor of the Rosenberg Branch in the European Celestial Union, which was established by Petra. She brought Mei-Fang with her.



  • From art her theme color seems to be green or teal, in contrast with the warmth of Mei-Fang's orange.
  • She has received her doctorate in celestial sciences from the Massachusetts University of Celestial Engineering.