This page is about an upcoming character; please keep in mind the info may be scarce until release of the game.

Minori Amanohara
SixStars NC
Alias Subaru the Exterminating Fairy
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Personal Statistics
Organization Metaphysics Junior High School, ___ Year, Class __
Game Arcana Heart 3
Voice Actor Yuri Yamaoka

Minori Amanohara is a new character introduced in the updated version of Arcana Heart 3, Six Stars. Her Arcana is Ichor, said to represent the very core of every human - blood.


A wannabe hero. After feelings of frustration arose in herself as the Misono Academy girls are off protecting the world in secrey, she decided to take up the mantle for herself. In her mind if she has power of her own, there isn't any reason why she can't enter the fray. 


Minori is a fair-skinned girl with large light purple eyes. When her mouth is opened, a single fanged tooth is visible. She has long platinum-blonde hair worn in a low, thin ponytail. The hair that frames her head and face appears short and spiked, with two thin, curled strands of hair sticking up resembling antennae.

She wears a white shawl lined in golden-orange with white spiked pieces of material beneath it. At her neck is a black collar with a big purple orb attached to a big pink bow. Her skirt is golden-orange with the same white material sticking out from the top and bottom. She wears a pale indigo belt around her waist with two packs; one on each side, with the entire thing accented with gold. Her shoes are black with gold bottom and metal cuffs on top. On each hand she wears a red metal hand with white claws attached to it. The top of the glove resembles that of a lions mouth and face.


From what has been revealed, it is implied that Minori may have a hero-complex. Passionate and with the desire to help instead of sitting around doing nothing.

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