Petra Lagerkvist
Kanji ペトラ・ヨハンナ・ラーゲルヴィスト
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Swedish
Birthday February 5th (Cinderella Day)
Height 168cm
Weight 52kg
Measurements 82cm/53cm/81cm
Blood Type AB
Personal Statistics
Organization European Celestial Union, Rosenberg Branch Head
Favorite Subject None (She's good at pretty much everything)
Weakest Subject None (She'll quickly rid of any Weakness)
Fighting Style Lagerkvist Gun-Arts
Occupation Celestial Union Officer
Game Arcana Heart 2
Voice Actor Marina Inoue

Petra Johanna Lagerkvist is a character in the Arcana Heart series. She is one of the main characters in Arcana Heart 2 and has become one of the series Mascot characters. Her Arcana is Zilrael, representing Holy.


Petra is a driven, brilliant young woman who possesses exceptional spiritual powers coming from the angelic Lagerkvist Family Line. Initially from the Swedish Brand of the Celestial Union, she is often transferred around the world.


Like her personality, Petra remains very classy and outwardly frigid. With Fair-skin and light indigo eyes, she has very long orange hair pulled into equally large twin tail ringlets, each held with a single white rose. Her thick bangs stick up at the center of her forehead with tiny loose strands sticking up before her ears.

She wears a white dress with a black flap on each side of her chest to match the cuff of her long white gloves. Beneath her chest is a black piece of material lined in gold. Her skirt is reminiscent of a tutu with a single black line, on top of a black, spike-lined petticoat. Her long white boots are worn with white stockings that have clear sections on top of them, attached to a white garter strap. She wears a necklace with a sapphire stone on a gold base, along with a cyan triangle-shaped earring.


Petra is a confident and classy girl with an air of refinement. She is dedicated to her work and goes after each target with full intent on completing the job. Serious and stern, but prideful of her talents - with abilities almost rivaling that of Angelia Avallone. This has caused a rivalry and hostile nature from others in the Union, but she doesn't really seem to care about it. She continues to add to her impressive reputation without question.

Very proper and polite, Petra can be frazzled or outright alarmed by questionable things; such as incidentally exposing her panties or watching overly-excited people interact with others. She is of wealth, but doesn't essentially seem to be spoiled or care all that much. She seems to be reserved.

Fight CommandsEdit


Arcana Heart 2Edit

Petra travels to Kanto to investigate the second Elemental World incident triggered by Angelia, assisted by a pair of nuns, Elsa and Clarice.

For full Event and Story Detail: Petra/AH2 Storyline

Arcana Heart 3Edit

After essentially being banished to Japan, she dedicates herself to stopping the Drexler Institute.

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Would you please refrain from being such a troublesome pest? Surely you see that pretending to be someone you're not serves no purpose but to humiliate yourself. - Fighting a computer player using her.

Oh, my what have I done....?


  • Her color scheme is soft lime.
  • Two of her palette swaps make her look like Rin Tohsaka (as "Kaleido Ruby") from Fate/stay night.
  • Petra see in also Lacus Clyne in Gundam SEED Date of Birth February 5.
    • She also seems to be inspired by Sasuke Uchiha, who is also similar to Lacus. Sasuke originates from the Secondary Protagonist well-known series Naruto.
  • On the english website for 3, her weapons names are Christina and Alexandra.
  • Currently she lives in Sagamihara on the Kanagawa Rosenberg campus.