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Pistrix Portrait AH3LMSS
Kanji ピストリクス
Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Lime Green
Personal Statistics
Personal Status
Debut Arcana Heart 3 Love Max: Six Stars
Voice Actor TBD

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Pistrix (ピストリクス) is an upcoming playable character for Arcana Heart 3 Love Max: Six Stars. She is a homonculus with abilities akin to that of a marine animal, and is able to shapeshift her form during combat.

Her Arcana is Parace L'sia, the Arcana of Life.


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Not much is known as of late.


Not much is known as of late. All that is known is that she was created by Parace L'sia.


  • She was given the nickname "Peace".
  • Early during her development, the developers gave her a temporary name, Shark Girl, before she was given her official name.