I will do what I can for your sake...

Saki Tsuzura
Kanji 廿楽 冴姫
Romaji Tsuzura Saki
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese/Chinese (Dual Nationally)
Birthday March 14th (The day Angels whisper)
Height 165cm
Weight 49kg
Measurements 80cm/57cm/80cm
Blood Type B
Personal Statistics
Organization Metaphysics Junior High School, 2nd Year, Class A
Favorite Subject English, Math, Science
Weakest Subject Art
Fighting Style Modified Tae Kwon Do
Occupation Student Council Secretary
Game Arcana Heart
Voice Actor Yumi Shimura

Saki Tsuzura is a character in the Arcana Heart series who first appeared in the first game with her Arcana of Ice, Bhanri. She is the childhood friend of Heart Aino.


Unlike many Maidens with the ability to see the Arcana, some girls abilities lay dormant until a truly shocking moment or tradegy occurs in her life. However, Saki hasn't let that stop her from training her skills and putting them to good use. A volunteer of the Celestial Union branch in Japan, she fights to never lose another to the Elemental World. Even if this means having to beat it into someone to save them. 


A fair-skinned girl with sharp eyes of orange. She has long blue hair that is worn straight down with a pale yellow headband. Her bangs frame her face and appear shoulder length; with one portion of it sticking out of her headband, making it appear to stick up on top.

Saki wears a deep red vest lined in white, on top of the white and brown school uniform shirt and tie. She wears a slightly pleated orange skirt, along with a pair of black tights and brown school loafers. On each wrist is a white wristband.


Saki is a very impressive girl; both with her talents and skill, along with her studies. She is very mature and comes off as perfect to some, with a sophistication that cannot be matched. Her sense of duty is strong an she will take up as much work that she can, even if it's more than she can bear. However, Saki has become cold and distant as a result and tends to keep people at arms length.

Deep down, her true personality is actually a kind and shy girl. After the loss of Fiona, her social skills had taken a major blow and she struggled to talk or open up to anyone else other than Heart. Out of fear of losing others since then, she has become overbearing to try to keep them safe and out of harms way.

When it comes to Heart, she is very motherly and can sometimes be strict or blunt with her. However, she gets envious when Heart seems to like someone else more so than herself, even for a moment. 

Fight CommandsEdit

Saki Moves

Arcana HeartEdit

Two Years Prior to the game, Saki was relocated to Greece due to her fathers job as a Businessman. While attending school there she met a girl named Fiona Mayfield and befriended her. One day the girls visited a Mysterious Mountainside and were sucked into the Elemental World. She had been rescued by her newly acquired Arcana but she was unable to save Fiona, who was left trapped there. 

Since then the guilt has been eating Saki alive. After she notices the strange occurrences within the sky she became determined not to let anyone else get taken from her. After she hears Heart will be going to investigate she decides to stop her friend, afraid to lose another to the Elemental World.  

Arcana Heart 2Edit

Arcana Heart 3Edit

Hoping to help eradicate the planar rifts that occasionally appear in the country, Saki overhears the rumors regarding the celestial stones emerging from the rift that can grant their finder a wish. While she does not really believe in them, Saki is unable to resist and tries to track one down in hopes of bringing back Fiona.

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I can't let history repeat itself. It's up to me!

Would you please not do something so embarrassing?


  • Saki comes from Ebisu, a location in Shibuya.
  • A lot of her attacks were named after legendary western weapons.
  • Saki is afraid of heights.
  • Saki see in also Athena Asamiya in The King of Fighters Date of Birth March 14
    • She also seems to be inspired by Karin Kanzuki, who is also similar to Athena. Karin originates from the well-known series Street Fighter.
  • While Heart has been compared to Ichigo and Naruto, Saki, as the friend and rival has been compared to similiar characters, these being Athena and Sasuke, from the same series.
    • She's also been compared to Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue and Ken Masters from Street Fighter, considering she attacks with kicks and Bhanri uses Ice based attacks.
  • Her official color is Ice blue.
  • Saki hates big crowds.
  • She doesn't like coffee or sour foods.
  • She appears in the Heart's ending from the game Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel.