Saki is almost the complete opposite of Heart. She is pretty antisocial and prefers things when they can be done by herself, or in smaller crowds. There are a few she utterly is unable to stand and may lash out at, but only if they start being hostile or make comments first. She has become clingy to those she does consider a dear friend after the loss of one.

Characters from AH1Edit

Heart AinoEdit

Her childhood friend and the one person she appears to be the closest to. Saki would do anything for Heart and has implied that she may even have feelings for her, although she never outright says it or talks to Heart about them. Due to caring so much for her, Saki can be pretty mean or cold when it comes to scolding her for stupid things she may have done. She also gets envious if Heart seems to like someone more than her, even for a moment, and consistantly worries over her.  

Maori KasugaEdit

Her other best friend, whom she is able to get along with on a mutual, good friend terms. They are both mature and smart girls who are the best friend of Heart, but they handle her differently. Saki has no harsh feelings for Maori and will jump to her aid in times of crisis; but she has also gotten envious towards her when Heart may show her a moment of favortism. 

Kamui TokinomiyaEdit


Lilica FelchenrowEdit

Saki and Lilica do not seem to like each other very much.

Lieselotte AchenbachEdit

Saki doesn't really like Lieselotte.

Yoriko YasuzumiEdit

Kira DaidoujiEdit

Fiona MayfieldEdit

Saki befriended Fiona during her time in England when her father temporarily had to uproot for his career. She cared deeply for Fiona and became distant and cold after she was unable to save her after they got stuck in the Elemental World. To this day Saki tries to save her old friend and has can be clingy or posessive with her old friends - for the sake of keeping them from harm. 

Characters from AH2Edit

Petra Johanna LagerkvistEdit

While they aren't shown interacting as often, the two girls are able to hold a casual conversation pretty easily.

Zenia ValovEdit

Catherine KyoubashiEdit

Nazuna Inuwaka and Akane InuwakaEdit

Elsa La ContiEdit

After a misshap during the Stamp event, Saki was quick to jump on Elsa and attack her, thinking she was trying to hurt or kidnap Maori. After realizing she had rushed to judgement she was quick to apologize. Since then they do not seem to hold any ill-will towards each other.

Clarice di LanzaEdit

Secretly, Saki fears she may become as clingy and possessive towards Heart and her other friends, after seeing what Clarice did for Elsa. As a result she tries to remind herself not to get like this. 

Characters from AH3Edit

Weiss Edit