Zenia Valov
Kanji ゼニア・ヴァロワ
Romaji Zenia Varofu
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality Russian
Birthday June 10th
Height 174cm
Weight 55kg
Measurements 83cm/57cm/84cm
Blood Type AB
Personal Statistics
Organization Mercenary (Celestial Incident Specialist)
Favorite Subject Making Sweets
Weakest Subject Too Many to List
Fighting Style Russian Celestial Police Corps Pilebunker
Occupation Special Forces Agent
Game Arcana Heart 2
Voice Actor Kaori Shimizu

Zenia Valov is a character in the Arcana Heart series. She is one of the main characters in Arcana Heart 2. Her Arcana is Almacia, representing Ice.


A no-nonsense Agent who came to investigate Angelia's rampage in Kanto. She is actually "Elfriede Achenbach", the older sister of Lieselotte, suffering from amnesia after being seperated several years back. She isn't the type to linger in one place longer than necessary - living for her next job or role. 


Zenia resembles Lieselotte, having the same white hair and amber eyes usually shut half way. The tops of her eyes and eyelashes are white, while her hair is long and pulled up into a spiked bun or ponytail.

Her attire consists of a pale blue sleeve-less shirt worn with a loose red tie and a short black form-fit skirt with slits going up the corners. She also wears a pair of sheer black tights, a blue finger-less glove, a gold and red gauntlet, and a black trenchoat with the right sleeve cut out. White metal armor covers her feet with black and gold leg ornaments.


Zenia is a stoic and calm woman who is naturally very quiet. When she speaks, she avoids wasting time or words by cutting to the point and ending it there. She can be cold towards others at first, but genuinely doesn't mean any harm - or care if someone takes offense. She is also very efficient when it comes to completing tasks.

However, Zenia also has a softer nature. She is very gentle and kind with children and her little sister, and will do whatever she asks of her. She also adores stuffed animals and cookies.

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Arcana Heart 2Edit

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Arcana Heart 3Edit

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You tried to imitate me and failed. Pathetic. Do you really want to die like this? - Fighting a computer player using her.


  • Her color scheme is Ice Blue.
  • One of her palette swaps gives her a resemblence to Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist.
  • Currently she lives in Shiba Park, Minato, The Princess Tower (park suite) on the Kanagawa Rosenberg campus.
  • She likes penguins.